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Minnamurra Leander L81

Leander comes from the biggest single crop of Speckle Park bulls produced anywhere in the world to date and he lead the group in the following categories - Daily Weight Gain, Eye Muscle Area, Rib Fat, Rump Fat, IMF%, Scrotal Circumference. This outstanding performance has resulted in him being ranked by Breedpan as the number one bull in the breed for 600 day weight, in the top 1% of the breed for 200 and 400 day weight, carcase weight, Eye Muscle Area and Scrotal Size. He is also in the top 20% of the breed for IMF%.

Te Mooi Speckle Park Sire Leander L81

Leander is also bred in the purple. His dam Minnamurra Nice Lady G8 is a River Hill Walker half sister to the respected sires Codiak Eagle and SPKNZ Extreme, all three being out of the great Codiak Nice Lady 25N. Minnamurra Nice Lady G8 is one of only 18 females at Minnamurra out of 322 registered females in that herd to be selected as an embryo donor.She is elite.  Leanders sire Six Star Royal Flesh is renowned for producing great conformation, tremendous length and productive females. Leander looks to possess all these characters. His calves are tremendous, all have arrived unassisted and they are powerful and exude quality.

The King of IMF%

Te Mooi Speckle Park Sires SPKNZ Falcon

SPKNZ Falcon

SPKNZ Falcon is a bull we continue to use in our program. He is easy calving, produces structural correctness consistently, his progeny have great temperaments and tremendous length. We continue to use Falcon as his progeny are performing very well for us. Falcon is best known for his marbling. Breedplan rate him in the top 1% of the breed and he has the highest accuracy of any bull at that level.

Recording an IMF% of 7.2 at 18 months had Falcon ahead of all other bulls on test in New Zealand. He is passing on this trait consistently. His son Maungahina Kidman’s Cove recorded an IMF% scan of 8.0.


Falcon is by the highly respected A&W15R and is out of Codiak Teressa 12T a full sister to Codiak Unique 8R. Great sires come from great female families and this family has produced wonderful females and breed leading sires. It consistently produces structural soundness and animals with great carcase attributes. Falcon is living up to his family heritage.

Caja Zeppelin

Caja Zeppelin is a very interesting prospect. He was highly awarded in the show ring like his sire and dam before him. He has great depth and muscle combined with the softness that comes with good feed conversion. He is structurally correct and is passing on his quality with his progeny topping the two auctions they been sold through to date. Zeppelin is by the outcross sire Uneeda Zapper and is from the Notta Pho-Finish 54P female family, one of the most highly regarded families in the breed.


Caja Zeppelin brings an interesting set of data together. He is in the top 20% of the breed for shorter gestation length while being in the top 20% of the breed for 400 day growth as well as scrotal size.Combining these traits with the great structure and a great pedigree make Zeppelin a tremendous prospect. He has no carcase data at this point of time and neither does his sire. There is no data collection in Canada which is an issue. However Zeppelins dam has 14 full and half siblings in the top 1% of the breed for eye muscle area and two full siblings with an EMA EBV of 2.0 or above. To put this in context there are 17 animals out of the 4971 with EMA EBV’s at this level. This is a family that consistently produces muscle and power. Zeppelin in no exception.

The King of IMF%


JAD Nutcracker N22

This guy is a bull we just had to use at Te Mooi. JAD have made a significant investment in the breed, they are leaving no stone unturned and their data collection is second to none. Nutcracker N22 was the highest rated bull structurally from their 2017 calf drop. Highly respected independent consultant Dick Whale thought he was outstanding rating him from a structural perspective as the best bull in the draft scoring him 7 out of 8. To put that in context, I have looked at more than 350 sale bulls assessed by Dick Whale from programs the quality of Wattletop Angus and Dulverton Angus and found about 5.5% of sale quality bulls achieve a score of 7. I have not been able to find an 8.

Nutcracker N22 is more than just superb conformation, he also had the highest average daily weight gain of all the sale bulls and he was also the number one Eye Muscle Area and scrotal size individual in his contemporary group and above average for IMF%. His EBV’s reflect his performance ranking him in the top 1% for Eye Muscle Area and Scrotal Size, in the top 10% of the breed for all growth traits and the top 20% of the breed for IMF%. Nutcracker N22 is a real all rounder.

“Nutcracker can really move! For a masculine bull, he has tremendous mobility - stemming from his impeccable structure. He possesses a strong sires head and great outlook - he has been a stand-out in his contemporary group.”

Justin Dickens - JAD Speckle Park

Structure and performance like Nutcrackers doesn't happen by accident. His sire is the acclaimed River Hill Line Drive and his dam is the very exciting Codiak Belinda 66A who looks to be a blue hen in the making. Belinda 66A is a daughter of the great female producer Codiak Oscar and the bonafide Blue Hen Upto Specs Tori 10T. Tori 10T is producing tremendous daughter with 6 of 18 embryo donors at Minnamurra being her daughters.

River Hill Line Drive 54Z

Out of one of the best cows in the breed, Notta Pho-Finish 54P.


Structurally outstanding himself he is stamping his stock, leaving them thick deep and soft.


This family just keeps producing. Line Drive's sisters are producing tremendous stock in Australia and Canada.

He leaves them thick, deep and soft.

Minnamurra Norton

Minnamurra Norton N134 is an easy doing bull with impeccable structure, wonderful movement, and tremendous muscle pattern. His EBV’s place him in the top 5% of the breed for all growth traits and he also ranks highly for both IMF% and Eye Muscle Area. Norton has great depth, eye appeal, and a wonderful temperament.


Norton is by the outcross sire Redneck JSF Whiskey who is emerging as a leading IMF% sire of the breed. He has the second highest EBV for IMF% of all the bulls in the breed, only surpassed by one of his sons. He also has the greatest number of progeny scanned. 


Norton's dam Minnamurra 300X Tori J113 is one of Minnamurra’s elite females, she is one of only 18 registered ET donors from the more than 300 registered females in the herd. In fact there are six daughters of her dam Upto Specs Tori 10T in this elite group.

Maungahina Nightlight


Nightlight is a product of one of the world's premier Speckle Park programs and he was the star of the show. In his contemporary group  (the equal third biggest registered crop in the world in 2017) he had the best average daily weight gain, the largest eye muscle area and was third for IMF%. He is a true meat machine. Breedplan has him ranked as the number one bull in the breed for eye muscle area and carcase weight. He also sits in the top 1% for all growth traits and retail beef yield.


In addition Nightlight has a great pedigree and is a glorious individual. Great structure with good pastern angle and well set hind legs, tremendous length and width. HIs sire Maungahina Legacy is thought by Maungahina principle Mark Mackenzie to be the best Speckle Park bull they have bred in 12 years. Lets not forget this is a 110-year-old seed stock program. He is a son of Spots ‘n Sprouts Stands Alone and is from the wonderful Codiak Melissa family. Nightlights dam is a daughter of the great Star Bank Lacerta and comes from the tremendous Codiak Nice Lady 25N family. Nightlight has the pedigree, performance and presence to make a big impact not just on our program but on the breed in general.

Minnamurra Nestor

Nestor is the full package. Fully loaded,specked up and ready to turn heads. He in the top 1% of the breed for all growth traits, carcase weight and scrotal size and the top 5% of the breed for gestation length, eye muscle area and IMF%. It is a spectacular profile. In his contemporary group at Minnamurra he was the heaviest bull, had the largest Eye Muscle Area and was in the top five for IMF%. Nestor combines the above with tremendous structure, great movement and a wonderful temperament.


Nestor has an incredible pedigree. His sire is the emerging Redneck JSF Whiskey 4B who is producing wonderful stock in the Minnamurra program. He was the Junior Champion at Agribition in 2015 and is leaving great carcase, better than average growth and great eye appeal. His dam is a daughter of Spots 'n Sprouts Stands Alone and the wonderful Codiak Unique 8R. With this heritage Nestor is sure to leave exceptional daughters.

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